A Smart Hydroponics Business With A Short ROI

For the first time, small and medium commercial growers are able to enter the market with low initial investment costs and a ready-made solution.

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A Smart Hydroponics Business With A Short ROI

For the first time, small and medium commercial growers are able to enter the market with low initial investment costs and a ready-made solution.

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· Noun

/ a·gri·pruh·noor /

An agripreneur is an entrepreneur whose business is agriculture related. A successful agripreneur is a creative thinker, smart worker, risk taker, communicator, with “green vision” to capitalize on current market opportunities.


· Acronym - Controlled Environment Agriculture

/ a·gri·pruh·noor /

Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is a technology-based approach toward food production. Controlled Environment Agriculture has the ability to produce crops all year round, with the possibility of increased yield by adjusting the amount of carbon and nutrients the plants receive.

Hydroponic NFT Channels
Everything You Need

TAPKIT comes complete with everything needed to launch your own local farming business.

Plant Growth Icon
Year-Round Growth

With TAPKIT's unique NFT Hydroponic System, herbs and leafy vegetables can be grown year-round.

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Short ROI

TAPKIT Owners realize a return on investment in 3-4 years.

Hydroponically Grown Plant
Easy To Install

TAPKIT generally takes 1 month to install, and only 6-8 weeks for your first harvest.

TAPKIT is the Perfect CEA Farm-To-Fork Agri-Business Solution for:

  • Wholesale Flower Growers - retrofit existing greenhouses
  • Agripenuers
  • Family Farms
  • Hotels & Spas
  • Community Gardens
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Universities
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The TAPKIT Hydroponic Unit Is:

  • An Affordable NFT Hydroponics System
  • Sold as a kit or installed into a pre-existing structure
  • Packaged with a support app​
  • A smart business with a short ROI
  • Designed for small to medium growers​
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What is NFT?

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is one of the many styles of hydroponics. NFT systems are renowned for their ability to realistically provide a wide variety of crops year-round without the use of soil. Plants are placed in long troughs, with root systems exposed to a thin sheet of water that hydrates them while also allowing them to remain oxygenated. The water exists as a thin film that also supplies nutrients available to the plant to fuel growth. At the end of the trough, the water is collected and recycled, cutting water usage compared to conventional means by 90 percent!

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The i-Droponics App lets TAPKIT growers access support for their crops from their pockets 24/7.  The app provides crop advice on specific climate conditions, seeding planning, fertilizer formula adjusted for conditions at the growing site, troubleshooting, and a library of informational FAQs.  

Also included are the complete operating manual, instructional videos for each step of production, and scheduling/notifications for all daily/weekly/monthly routines.

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Read What People Are Saying!

Danny & Rachel Sanderovich
Yokne’am, Israel

Danny and Rachel couldn't stand the thought of being bored and inactive during their retirement. They love traveling around the world, so when COVID-19 made that an issue, they started looking for a solution that would allow them to be active while also challenging them to provide something meaningful to their community. They purchased a TAPKIT unit and decided to install it by themselves. TAPKIT's experts and installation guide have gotten them to where they are today- happily producing for a large distributor who appreciates the quality of their lettuce since March of 2021.

Ron and Lital Barnea
Bet Nechemya, Israel

Ron was a chef who owned a restaurant, and Lital was a CPA. Upon deciding on making a career change together, they looked for a business that would encompass both of their ideals. Ron's experience as a chef and restaurant owner meant he could appreciate the idea of locally-sourced produce. Lital, as a CPA, went over TAPKIT's business plan and found the short ROI and flexibility attractive. Their first TAPKIT has been running since August 2021, and they are looking into running a second TAPKIT unit. They sell their locally grown produce to their neighbors.

Lux Belle Mare

Belle Mare is a 5-star resort located in Mauritius, just off of Madagascar and East Africa. Due to the size of Mauritius and the lack of laws regarding the testing of organic food, local and pesticide-free produce is tough to come by. Belle Mare believed their guests deserved access to fresh and healthy food regardless, so they took it upon themselves to provide that to their customers. Today, two TAPKIT units in the resort area serve the guests fresh produce every day. A perfect example of what the farm-to-table movement is all about!

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